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A lonely 5000 km trip

The idea

The bus distinctly named «Thessaloniki goes to Europe» starts from Thessaloniki and visits 16 towns in 9 countries.

This particular trip has the objective of showing Thessaloniki to the world so that its history, it’s civilization, and it’s highlights will become known he world.

It’s “dressed” with the symbols and slogans originating from the city in such a way so as to peak the interest of everyone seeing it.

The bus

There will be a total of 15 passengers who will be chosen from the cultural-tourism sector, journalists, photographers, cinematographers and 5 more that will be simple inhabitants of the city.


Τhe trip

  • Starting point:

    Statue of Alexander the Great,


  • Trip duration:

    The trip will last 14 days.

  • Kilometers:


  • Countries

    Serbia – Hungary – Slovakia – Austria – Czech Republic – Germany – Switzerland – Italy – Croatia

  • Cities

    Belgrade – Budapest – Bratislava – Vienna – Prague – Leipzig – Berlin – Augsburg – Cologne – Frankfurt – Stuttgart – Munich – Zurich – Milan – Venice – Split

  • Passengers


Sponsored by Municipality of Thessaloniki

dimos thessalonikis


The bus will have various large screens attached to it which will display, when stopped:

  • Landmarks – Memorials of Thessaloniki
  • The multiculturalism that our city and the surrounding area is well known for
  • The Churches – Monasteries as the second largest Byzantine city
  • The Univesities U.O.M. and A.U.T.H., I.H.U and A.T.E.I
  • The city’s architecture and its athletes

Informational material will also be distributed.

In specific cities, one per country, some events will take place such as wine tasting, cultural events and meeting the local producers and various commercial patrons as well as diplomatic dignitaries.

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